Innovative Crowdfunding meets The Blockchain

The platform aims to create an ecosystem around the creators, allowing them to generate stable incomes to finance their career. In addition to large-scale projects in a timely manner, for example, the recording of an album. 

First Crowdfunding Platform with Blockchain Technology made by artists for artists, fair with fans and creators.

Fundom, by offering a hybrid model, opens a new range of financing options for artists: NFTs marketplaces, sale of physical and digital merch…

This translates into an increase in the rate of fundraising goals achieved, as it has been proven that by increasing the financing options, the success rate increases. In addition, to offering an improved experience to the fans.  

Another feature of Fundom is that, being built on blockchain, it not only innovates the way in which the artist gets income but also improves the current remuneration model.   

Most platforms work with project fees that reduce excessively the total income received by the creator, but Fundom can work with very low or even zero fees. 


We are an innovative method to get resources for your project. It doesn't matter if you have a million followers, in the crypto market, everyone is looking for a star to invest in.


At Fundom we know how difficult it is to face an artistic Crowdfunding Project, that's why we want to make it easy for both, creators and fans, with a 0% fee model and full support from the beginning of the process.


If there is something that represents Fundom, its the relationship with THE COMMUNITY, the ability to create an ecosystem around a project. Fundom is a unique fan-artist link.

Made for


Within fundom there is room for any type of artist: from content creators to painters, writers, musicians, digital artists… Moreover, in Fundom we don’t care about numbers, we like emerging artists, since our platform model helps to achieve the goals, regardless of the number of followers.


Fundom sees the fan from two perspectives, patron and investor. This last figure is new to the crowdfunding world.  

Fans will be able to help fund their favorite creators in multiple ways:  

  • Direct donations with or without rewards (0% fee model) 
  • Investing in multiple types of financial derivatives. By trading these assets, profits will be generated and will help fund the artists’ projects.  


this is your place

I am an emerging artist with almost no followers and no brand support.

Fundom provides artists with several tools that allow them not only to connect with their fans, but also with a new figure, the cryptoinvestor.

I don´t know anything about Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies.

The Fundom academy provides you with all the knowledge you need to move into the crypto world in a simple way.

I’m afraid I won’t raise enough money to make my project a reality.

Don’t worry. At Fundom we have incorporated new funding models that help us improve our success rate. 

All thanks to the gamification enabled by the Defi ecosystem.

It’s my first crowdfunding and I don’t know where to start.

Within Fundom we have an advisory team specialized in decentralized finance and launching Crowdfunding Projects. 

You can focus on what that really counts, keep creating. 😉


- Idea development and market study
- Find the team to make it possible
- Find the firsts Artists for the platform
- Find a Name
Phase 2
MVP and Spread the world
- Listings on Platfoms
- Deploy Token
- Deploy Platform (MVP)
- Marketing Campaign
- First Artist Appears
- Second Artist Appears
- Find Partners
Phase 4
Phase 1
Make it visible
- Telegram groups
- Initial Branding
- Website
- Publish Whitepaper V1
- Full Branding
- Create Social Media
Phase 3
Future will be ours
- Deploy Platform V2
- A lot of more to come

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